OnOne Software Perfect Mask

How to get perfect cutouts with Perfect Photo Suite!

09 Merging layers

OnOne Perfect Mask

There are more effects I want to apply, but to the whole image, not just to individual layers. So my next step is to return to the layers module where I can now see four layers, not two – Perfect Effects duplicates layers so that you’ve still got the originals to go back to if you need to. What I need to do now is select all four layers and click the ‘Merge’ button underneath.

10 Movie effects

OnOne Perfect Mask

OK, I’ve merged my layers, I’m back in the Effects module and I’ve found a ‘Movie’ effect I like called ‘Enter the Dragon’ – though I have wound the Amount back down to a value of 25.

I find applying overall effects to composite images helps to bring the layers together in terms of look and feel, and can disguise their different origins.

11 Rotating images

OnOne Perfect Mask

I’ve also decided the composition is too horizontal, and a change in the angle (often called ‘Dutch tilt’ by old pros) will produce a more dynamic, diagonal composition. I can do this back in the Layers module by selecting the Transform tool, top left, then using the drop-down Rotation slider on the top toolbar.

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