OnOne Software Perfect Mask

How to get perfect cutouts with Perfect Photo Suite!

06 And here’s the result!

OnOne Perfect Mask

I have to say, I’m really impressed by how Perfect Mask has handled the moving prop blades and the transparent cockpit canopy. I thought they would be a masking nightmare, but they look just fine and I haven’t had to do any tricky manual masking at all.

If you just wanted to find out about Perfect Mask, you can stop right here… but I’m going to swap over to Perfect Effects now, because I can see a lot more things I want to do with this picture…

07 Sharpening up

OnOne Perfect Mask

First of all, that Hurricane is just too soft and needs sharpening up. You can apply effects to your layers individually, and you do this by returning to the Layers module, selecting the layer you want to adjust, then clicking the Effects button.

Amongst the effects you’ll find a Sharpening section with a bunch of preset sharpening effects. The Amazing Detail preset gives me just the sharpening effect I’m looking for – in fact, I’ve pushed the Strength slider up to 100. This makes the noise more prominent, but I’m not worried about that because the sky is pretty noisy too, and I really don’t think it harms the image.

08 Changing the sky

OnOne Perfect Mask

I also want to modify the sky, so I switch back to the Layers module, select the lower, ‘sky’, layer, then click the Effects button again. I’ve found just the effect I want (‘Big Softy’) in the ‘Vignettes – Darken’ section of the filters list.

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