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How to create depth of field effects with Focal Point 2

09 Brush in the focus effect

OnOne Focal Point

Now, carefully brush in the areas you want to appear sharp. Try to avoid overlapping the edges, since this will produce a sharp ‘halo’ around the object. This stage does need some care and attention, but with a little practice you can do it quite quickly.

10 View the focus mask

OnOne Focal Point

If you want to see the focus mask you’ve created directly, click the ‘Show Mask’ button at the top of the FocusBrush panel. Now you can see the gradient focus effect created by the focus bug, and some ‘squiggles’ on the mask where I’ve painted in my manual focus masking.

11 The finished picture

OnOne Focal Point

I don’t think this is a bad result for a first attempt. The shingle in the foreground is perhaps a little too heavily defocused, but the background defocus looks good and blends in quite realistically. The wooden post and the back of the boat are nicely sharp too, which is what you’d expect given that they stick up out of the plane of focus.

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