Nik Software Color Efex Pro Midnight filter

How to create a moonlight effect in Color Efex Pro 4

03 Adding a Graduated Neutral Density filter

Color Efex Pro Midnight effect

The other thing about ‘moonlight’ is that the sky looks very dark, so I’ve clicked the ‘Add Filter’ button at the bottom of the tools panel to add a Graduated Neutral Density filter. I should have done this at the start, I guess, but Color Efex Pro 4 is really good at combining and stacking filters, so it doesn’t really matter what order you do it in.

04 Finishing touches

Color Efex Pro Midnight effect

OK, now I’ve clicked on the Midnight filter again to make some more adjustments. I’ve added three more opacity control points: two to lighten cows on the left side of the picture and one to lighten the hind leg of the main cow to make it stand out more clearly.

05 The finished picture

Color Efex Pro Midnight effect

I’m not sure this really looks exactly like moonlight – I might tone down the saturation and brightness in a future version – but it does create the strange and surreal effect I’m looking for, and it does demonstrate the usefulness of Color Efex Pro 4’s opacity control points!

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