Google+ Snapseed editor

How to use the Google+ Snapseed editing tools – Part 1

04 Upload progress

Google+ Snapseed editor

Chrome will show you the progress of your upload. There’s a progress bar at the top and you can scroll down through the thumbnails to see how it’s going – image thumbnails are rendered as the photos are uploaded.

If you’re uploading lots of images, this may take some time, so be warned. It’s no slower than any other upload process, but because you can upload as many photos as you like (see the comments at the end of this walkthrough), it’s tempting to do them in large numbers.

05 Create an album

Google+ Snapseed editor

While your pictures are uploading, you might want to create a new album for them, otherwise, they’ll be mixed in with your other pictures and more difficult to separate out for display and sharing – use the ‘Add to album’ button at the top left of the uploading screen.

06 Album display

Google+ Snapseed editor

Here are all the pictures we’ve just uploaded, displayed our new album. To choose a different album for display, click the ‘Album’ button on the top toolbar. This displays all your albums as image tiles (you can also choose the ‘cover’ image for each album, by the way).

To see a larger version of any picture, just click it. As you move the mouse pointer over a picture, though, you’ll see a ‘tick’ icon appear in the top left corner…

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