Serif Affinity Photo 1.5

Friday photo news: Serif Affinity Photo 1.5 for Mac and Windows

Affinity Photo 1.5 is launched

This happened fast! We only reported on the public beta last week, but now Serif Affinity Photo 1.5 is here, and there are two major stories. The first is that it’s now available for both Windows and Mac users – previously this was a Mac-only program – and the second is that Serif has dropped the price from £39.99 to £29.99 which, for a program with this kind of power, is just plain crazy. There are lots of new features in version 1.5 too, including full HDR merging tools, 36-degree image-editing, recordable macros, batch processing, focus stacking and a new Tonemapping persona. I’ll post a review just as soon as I’ve taken a proper look at what this release can do. In the meantime you can find out more at

Lightroom CC 2015.8 now available

In another update to its deskop and mobile apps, Adobe has added an interesting Reference View feature to the Develop module. The idea is that you can keep an exsiting edited image open in one pane while you work on another. This should make it easier to replicate a favourite ‘look’ across a whole series of images. Adobe says users should also notice some improvements in general performance when carrying out background housekeeping tasks like generating previews, moving files and carrying out backups. It supports a bunch of new cameras’ raw files too, including the EOS M5, Fujifilm X-A3, Nikon D5600, Sony A99 II and more – including preliminary support for the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II. Find out more in this Adobe blog post.

MacPhun promises more Luminar updates on December 18

MacPhun is clearly keen to push Luminar’s development forward as far and as fast as it can. The updates will include new filters – the building blocks of Luminar’s effects and editing tools – and batch processing options. Macphun COO Alex Tsepko has big plans for 2017 too in this MacPhun Luminar blog post, including digital asset management (DAM) and – amazingly – a Windows version (not sure what they’re going to do about the company’s name, then). The digital asset management plans are exciting because Mac users desperately need something to fill the gap left by Aperture, and Apple Photos isn’t really it.

Ricoh launches Keenai online photo sharing site

This is a bit of a surprise. Camera maker Ricoh has launched an online photo sharing service designed to bring all your smartphone and digital camera images together in one place. You can upload them straight from your smart devices using free apps and upload using your browser from a desktop computer. Once your photos are online you can view, search, organise and share them using albums and automatic image recognition and smart tagging. It will store both JPEGs and RAW files and there is no storage limit – but there is a $4.99 monthly fee. You can find out more and start a free trial at

9 thoughts on “Friday photo news: Serif Affinity Photo 1.5 for Mac and Windows

  1. I just bought it this morning for 39.99 and that was a special 20% off deal for a short time only. Regular price shown was 49.99. Did I miss a better deal (29.99?)?

      1. I just went to the link you provided and it says “was 49.99 now 39.99” Maybe they changed their mind. Just thought I’d mention it. Love reading your blogs! Look forward to seeing them.

  2. Recently found your Life After Photoshop site and like it very much!

    Affinity is one heck of a package at the discounted intro price! I’ve been trying it with my new Lapazz tablet and it is very impressive – familiar interface, intuitive, fast and very decent results. In HDR merging I’m seeing some slight fringing but that may be because I’m not fully understanding the Affinity workspaces which they call “Persona” and I could be doing de-fringing and chromatic corrections in the wrong place. The Affinity website has a huge set of high quality video tutorials but even just jumping straight in, this software isn’t hard to use. My guess is that spending some time on the tutorials will pay off. Looking forward to you doing a thorough review.

    I’m guilty of tinkering with software – love it! Lots of current software and stuff on the horizon at the moment and somewhat lost for choice:

    ON1 Photo RAW – Not yet working – Disappointing pre-release and realistically looking like July 2017 before it will be completed?
    (own ON1 Photo 10 and RAW)

    Affinity – Available today at a big introductory discount – bought it

    Aurora HDR for PC promised for 2017 – Mac reports look very good – intend to buy it – same for Luminar possibly

    Capture 1 ver 10 – Trial of ver 9 is very impressive especially for difficult images – dawn, dusk, over and under exposed etc – expensive

    DxO Optics Pro 11 – bought it – Some great features especially for lens corrections with my wide angle lenses

    Lightroom – own non-subscription LR 6.7 but it isn’t exciting to use any more – likely to remain my main image catalogue though

    Photomatix Pro 5.1.3 – own it and use it often but nothing new from them for a while (8 months)

    Dynamic Photo HDR 6 – own it – used to be a favourite but nothing new for 18 months so now a bit stale

    Looking forward to 2017

  3. Rod,

    I don’t know Affinity, never used it but my question is : what does it bring as added value if we already have Lr, Nik Collection, Photoshop Elements and ON1 ? Do you know if Affinity allows you to do things that you cannot do (or with difficulties) compared to all softwares I mentioned above ?

    It could be great one day to compare all softwares you can find on the market (other than Ps of course !!!) to develop raw files, to understand better what is the value of each. There is a trend to buy multiple softwares but we don’t necessary use each of them at the level we should. For instance, people believe that PS is much better than its little brother Photoshop Elements, although for the big majority of photographers (I am not talking about other activities), PsE is more than enough and can do already a lot but of course you need to dig into and know well your software. You have many posts on this blog proving that,…

    1. Hi Yves, I have just posted my Affinity Photo 1.5 review and you might find my answers there. My short answer is that Affinity Photo does just what Photoshop does, sometimes better, sometimes worse. But like Photoshop it doesn’t do everything we want to do.

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