Analog Efex Pro preset export and import

Free Analog Efex Pro presets (and how to install them)

Welcome to the fourth and final part of this mini-series on Google’s brand new film and camera simulation plug-in, Analog Efex Pro. It joins the existing plug-ins in the Google Nik Collection.

Part 1 looked at Analog Efex Pro basics and how to apply preset effects, part 2 explained the Camera Kit and how to create effects of your own and part 3 showed how to create, save and work with your own Analog Efex Pro custom presets.

In this part I’m going to show how to save presets you’ve created as external files you can share with other people – and how to import presets sent to you by others by downloading the free Analog Efex Pro presets I’ve created to go with this mini-series.

01 My custom presets

Analog Efex Pro preset export and import

Here are eight custom presets I’ve created while I’ve been writing this series, displayed in the Custom panel in the left sidebar. You use custom presets just as you use those that come built in – they’re simply stored in a separate panel. The main window shows the ‘Cyanotype’ preset applied to a still life image.

To export my presets for sharing with other people, I need to press the Export All button (circled) at the bottom of the custom presets panel.

02 Export location

Analog Efex Pro preset export and import

When you press this button, Analog Efex Pro prompts you to choose a location on your computer to save the presets to. I’ve created an empty folder already. The export takes just a couple of moments. Each preset file is only around 5 kilobytes in size, and that’s because they’re simply a set of processing instructions.

03 Download the presets

It’s just as easy to import presets, and you can find out for yourself by downloading the presets I’ve exported. Just click on the download link below, unzip the file and then follow the instructions in the next step.

[wpdm_package id=’3976′]


04 Importing presets

Analog Efex Pro preset export and import

To import these presets (or any others), click the ‘+’ button (circled) alongside the Imported panel heading in the left sidebar. It’s at the top of the sidebar here, but that’s because the panel is expanded ready to receive the imported presets – normally, the Imported panel is collapsed and at the bottom of the sidebar.

Now just locate the folder where the presets are stored, select them all (they have an ‘.np’ file extension on my Mac) and click the Open button.

05 Your new presets

Analog Efex Pro preset export and import

Imported presets are all displayed in the Imported panel. There doesn’t seem any way to move presets between the Imported and Custom panels, but that hardly matters since they work in the same way wherever they’re stored.

06 Preset samples

Analog Efex Pro preset export and import

Here’s a quick overview of the eight presets I created for this tutorial. I hope they give you a good idea of the range of effects available with Analog Efex Pro, and how easy it is to create, modify and share custom presets of your own. You’re welcome to use these presets on your own images, and I hope you enjoy using Analog Efex Pro!

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34 thoughts on “Free Analog Efex Pro presets (and how to install them)

  1. I really like the Frames selection, the first frame under the Lightbox option. However there’s a part of it that I’d like to get rid of, a bright spot near the top of the interior of the image. I’m looking for a way to modify this particular preset.

    1. That’s odd. I’ve just tried it again on my Mac (Mavericks) and it works fine. Can I just check that you’re unzipping the file first, and that you’re using the ‘+’ button on the Imported panel in the left sidebar?

  2. I too receive the “invalid file format” error message. Files are unzipped all with the .np file extension.

      1. I am using a MAC. I saw that someone else had the same experience. It is for real. Don’t you hate it when this happens? Thanks Rod – I hope you can come up with some idea to resolve – if not, thank you for your effort. Winifred

        1. I removed the presets from my version, downloaded the presets from my own post, unzipped and imported them and they work fine, so I’m at a loss at the moment. I’ll see if I can find a colleague who has Analog Efex Pro installed so that they can try it out too.

    1. Sorry folks, I’m at a loss. I’ve even tried this on my old MacBook Pro 15″ too. Both this and my 13″ MB Pro Retina will download the presets zip from this post and install the presets in Analog Efex Pro without a hitch. I don’t know how else I can test this unless someone can try it the other way round by exporting one of their own presets and emailing it to me at

      1. Well I tried these again at home on my windows 7 pc, and they loaded up no problem. So I’m not really sure what to make of the mac issues.

        1. Maybe it’s a version issue? If you click ‘Analog Efex Pro’ at the top right of the window you get a splash screen with the version number. My 13″ MacBook is running v1.009, my older 15″ is using 1.008. There was trouble between earlier versions of the Google Nik Collection and Aperture, so it’s not been bug-free.

    1. Well that’s news to me too. I assumed these presets would work across platforms. I don’t use a Windows machine any more so I can’t test them. RL

      1. I enjoyed your entire series on Analog EFX Pro and I appreciate your taking the time to share the information.

        I don’t see where to download your presets.

  3. Question:
    I have other presets that I have downloaded but how would I know which NIK program they should be imported to? They have the extension .NP

    1. I’m afraid I can’t answer that. The .NP extension is used for presets across the suite, so as far as I can see you would just have to use trial and error to see which plug-in they work with. You should get an invalid file format with the wrong ones.

        1. You can open them in a text editor. They are just XML files. The first tag in the file tells which program they go in. But all the versions are now version 2 and 4. Unfortunately the plugins for this article are for version 1 and won’t load in the current versions.

          1. Hi Curtis. I just checked by downloading the presets and importing them back into Analog Efex Pro 2 – they work fine.

  4. I have or had the Google Nik Collection ver 2.2.24 on my iMac (late 2015) on OS Sierra. I wiped my fusion drive clean and tempted to bring Nik in from my Time Machine Backup.
    When I Opened HDR Pro 2, it said it was trial only; I didn’t continue and now that has now expired and I have to repurchase from DXO
    ( I guess they bought Nik from Google in 2017). I’m not crazy about that but whatever.
    However I did have some of my own Custom Presets.
    Any Idea Where I might find those to put into Nik HDR Pro once I purchase Nik from DXO ; and I understand there’ve been lots of updates now up to ver 5? Will mine even work?

    1. I think I have the presets you are looking for. I am pretty sure I downloaded them. You will have to send me your email so that I can send them to you. If they are not the ones you are looking for just delete them.

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