Photoshop Elements RAW conversions

A quick guide to Elements RAW conversions

04 Saturation

Photoshop Elements RAW conversions

Finally, I think this picture needs more colour, so I’ve increased the Saturation value to +50. You can get away with stronger saturation increases in Adobe Camera Raw because it still has access to all the extra colour data stored in the RAW file. If you were to apply a similar increase in Elements after the RAW file has been converted, you’d probably see a higher level of image degradation.

05 Final tweaks in Elements

Photoshop Elements RAW conversions

The converted image was mostly fine except that the dog’s nose came out a harsh, near-black tone, so I’ve used the Dodge tool in Photoshop Elements to lighten it up a little.

06 The finished image

Photoshop Elements RAW conversions

Remember, Adobe Camera Raw offers tools for maximising the quality of your RAW data before it’s converted into an editable image file in Elements. It probably won’t allow all the adjustments you want to make, but it does offer you ways to get the best possible quality from your RAW files, ready for any further work you have to do.

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