DxO Volume Anamorphosis correction

When and why to use the DxO Volume Anamorphosis option

03 Volume Anamorphosis correction

DxO Volume Anamorphosis correction

DxO’s regular corrections are all displayed in the Optical Corrections panel on the right-hand side of the screen, but the Volume Anamorphosis checkbox is in a separate Geometry panel, so you’ll need to open this and then simply check the Volume Anamorphosis box.

The difference is obvious. The corrected version on the right immediately makes it clear just how distorted the uncorrected image (left) actually is.

04 Another example

DxO Volume Anamorphosis correction

On the left side of the image there’s a man walking along the canal towpath. He’s smaller in the frame, so I’ve increased the magnification to 100%. Again, you can see how effective the correction has been. In the original, left, his shape has been compressed vertically, but in the corrected version, right, you can see his natural proportions have been restored.

This doesn’t just apply to human figures, of course – all objects near the edge of the frame will be affected by any anamorphic distortion, so the DxO correction will benefit all of them.

It’s at the edges of the frame where you notice the different most. DxO Optics Pro’s combined distortion, sharpness, vignetting and chromatic aberration tools have made a massive difference to the detail and quality.

05 The finished picture

DxO Volume Anamorphosis correction

DxO Optics Pro is quite limited in certain respects. Unlike Lightroom, Capture one or Aperture, it doesn’t offer image cataloguing tools or localised image adjustments. In fact, the best way to think of it is as a high-powered RAW converter.

It’s true that Adobe Camera Raw now has its own built-in lens correction profiles, but I don’t think they’re as good a DxO’s or, as this tool demonstrates, as sophisticated. I also think DxO Optics Pro is a better RAW converter, producing sharper images with better colour and less noise.

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