DxO Multi-Point Color Balance tool

How to use the DxO Multi-Point Color Balance tool

06 Adjustment limits

DxO Multi-Point Color Balance tool

I’ve added another ‘neutralising’ adjustment to the base of the plinth the car is standing on, and now only the vehicle itself shows a colour alteration. But you can’t keep doing this forever. You can apply a maximum of four Multi-Point Color Balance tools to any image, and while this should be enough for the vast majority of pictures, you may need to do some juggling in some situations.

07 The finished picture

DxO Multi-Point Color Balance tool

The Multi-Point Color Balance tool isn’t as complicated as it looks. It’s actually quite straightforward to use, and it’s been very effective here at shifting one particular colour without altering the rest.

There are pros and cons. It does let you change the hue and saturation values for targeted colours, but not the lightness. It’s a little indiscriminate if you use just one control, and the maximum of four controls could prove a limitation for particularly difficult images. Nevertheless, I like the fact you can see and adjust the tools directly on the image, because this makes your adjustments obvious and intuitive. And they’re separate too, whereas in other programs you’re juggling a mass of sliders and drop-down menus in a toolbar off to one side.

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One thought on “How to use the DxO Multi-Point Color Balance tool

  1. Thanks for pointing this out. This is a good tool to have and built into DXO. I did not notice it is in DXO until I read it here.
    I have another simple plugin for PS 32bits and that is color mechanic. They do not upgrade that tool any more but inside PS, it allows you to change the one or many color to other color and brightness as well.

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