DxO Multi-Point Color Balance tool

How to use the DxO Multi-Point Color Balance tool

03 Change the hue

DxO Multi-Point Color Balance tool

If I drag the outer end of the control bar in a clockwise direction, I can shift the hue of the target colour. Here, I’ve moved it from the lilac section of the hue wheel into the the blue section. You can see the difference it’s made in the ‘after’ shot on the right.

04 Change the saturation

DxO Multi-Point Color Balance tool

You’ll see the control bar also has a slider/button part of the way along it – you drag this outwards to increase the saturation, which is what I’ve done here, or inwards towards the centre to reduce the saturation.

Now that I’ve increase the saturation, it’s pretty obvious that the tool has modified the colours to some degree across the whole image, not just for the targeted colour. This isn’t how the tools in other programs work, so while it may be a deliberate attempt to make global hue changes simpler, it is slightly disconcerting.

05 Limiting the effect

DxO Multi-Point Color Balance tool

There is a simple way to refine the colour selection, though. You simply add another Multi-Point Color Balance tool to an area which you don’t want to be affected. You don’t need to make any adjustments to this – it has the effect of protecting that area and neutralising the effect of the previous adjustment. I’ve added a new Color Balance tool to the background just to the right of the car, and you can see this has restored the colour and tone of the original picture.

One thought on “How to use the DxO Multi-Point Color Balance tool

  1. Thanks for pointing this out. This is a good tool to have and built into DXO. I did not notice it is in DXO until I read it here.
    I have another simple plugin for PS 32bits and that is color mechanic. They do not upgrade that tool any more but inside PS, it allows you to change the one or many color to other color and brightness as well.

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