DxO Force Rectangle tool

Straighten up your shots with the DxO Force Rectangle tool

03 Crop ratios

DxO Force Rectangle tool

The poster is now perfectly rectangular, but I’ve still got spare space around the edges, so now I need to crop these out. The Crop tool is also on the top toolbar and looks quite similar to the Force Rectangle tool, so make sure you select the right one – I’ve circled it here.

Now you need to select the crop ratio. By default, DxO Optics Pro will match the aspect ratio of the original picture, but this poster has a slightly different ratio, so I need to open the Aspect Ratio menu on the bottom toolbar and select the ‘Unconstrained’ option.

04 Crop tool

DxO Force Rectangle tool

The Crop marquee has both edge and corner handles. I could use the corner handles to crop two edges at the same time, but I need to be quite precise here, so I drag in the edge handles (circled) one by one to line up exactly with the edges of the poster. The lens correction and Force Rectangle tools have done their job, and the crop marquee lines up perfectly with the poster edges.

05 Tone Curve

DxO Force Rectangle tool

I’m going to finish off with a Tone Curve adjustment to give the poster a little more contrast and colour. I’ll use an ‘S-shaped’ curve to make the darker tones more intense and the highlights brighter.

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