Silver Efex Pro

Dramatic skies with Silver Efex Pro 2

3. Adjusting the brightness

Silver Efex Pro

The image is a bit too bright to start with, so we can switch to the Brightness section of the Global Adjustments panel on the right. Reducing the Dynamic Brightness value gives a better result here than the regular  Brightness slider.

4. Darkening the sky

Silver Efex Pro

I want the top of the sky to be a little darker, and while Silver Efex Pro 2 doesn’t have graduated filter effects, it does have a Burn Edges panel which can achieve the same thing. Here, I’ve clicked the button for the top edge and adjusted the Strength and Size values to get the darkening effect I want.

5. Adding a border

The picture’s working much better now and I’ll finish it off with a solid black border. Silver Efex Pro’s Borders panel offers a range of types and effects, but no. 13, a plain, unadorned black, is all we need here.

Silver Efex Pro

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