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Don’t let the Google Nik Collection disappear!

Last night I signed a petition shared by a Facebook friend. Not something I normally do, but it drew my attention to Google’s plans for the Nik Collection – there aren’t any. Google has announced that development has ceased and, while it hasn’t said how long the software will continue to be available to download, I’m taking no chances. I’m downloading and archiving the installer right now.

The fact is, the Nik Collection is too important to lose. It contains some of the best image-editing plug-ins we’re ever likely to see, and I’ve lost count of the number of images I’ve enhanced, manipulated, printed, shared and published images made with these Nik plug-ins.

But this is what happens with big corporations. They buy the world’s best stuff, stuff that we rely on, play about with it for a while and kill it if it doesn’t fit their plans. They don’t mean to, it’s just how strategic acquisitions play out.

Maybe Google will pay attention to this petition, maybe some other developer will buy the licence and keep the Nik Collection going? I’m not holding my breath, but on the basis that doing something is better than doing nothing, I signed my name. Here’s the link:

Save the Nik Collection!

4 thoughts on “Don’t let the Google Nik Collection disappear!

  1. C’est rare pour moi de participé aux pétitions mais j’ai signé sans hésiter. merci pour vos post Monsieur life after photoshop.

  2. Signed. Nik is the most irreplaceable piece of software in my editing toolbox… I really don’t know what I’d do without the unique ‘u-point’ masking tools, it really is one of a kind and I’d be devastated if one day an OS update meant I could no longer use it. I really wish google would pass this onto someone who could keep it alive.

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