DxO Optics Pro custom workspace

Clear the decks! Create a custom DxO workspace in minutes, save hours later

04 Adding tools

DxO Optics Pro custom workspace

If you click the menu icon in the top right corner of the palette you’ll see a long list of all the tools available in DxO Optics Pro. Every time you select one, it’s added to the palette, and the ones you’ve already added are marked with a tick. When you’re done, you can use the ‘Dock to right’ option near the top to put the new palette in the right sidebar, where the original palettes were.

05 Saving your workspace

DxO Optics Pro custom workspace

My new palette has just four tools: Histogram, Style – Toning, Contrast and Selective Tone. They’re the ones I want to use for simple black and white work – see yesterday’s post – and you can see how much simpler DxO’s customization options become when you pare them down to the bare minimum like this.

Once you’ve got the selection of tools that you want, you can save your workspace for re-use in the future – use the View > Workspaces > Save Workspace command and choose a name.

06 Using workspaces

DxO Optics Pro custom workspace

Now, if you use the View > Workspaces command, you’ll see the DxO Standard workspace, if you want to go back to that, and the new workspace you’ve just saved.

Saving a workspace saves the custom palettes you’ve created, but it doesn’t save the open/closed status of the left sidebar and browser window, since these intended to be available all the time – their positions will be remembered from your last session, though.

You might get by perfectly well in DxO Optics Pro without creating your own workspace, but I think it makes Optics Pro faster and a whole lot more efficient to use. It’s also a lot less intimidating, because you’re not constantly being faced with tools you don’t need and may only partially understand.

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