OneOne Software Perfect B&W gum bichromate effect

Create a beautiful gum bichromate effect in Perfect B&W

04 Border size

OneOne Software Perfect B&W gum bichromate effect

That’s easy to fix. The Border panel has a Size slider, and if I push this to the right the border effect is scaled up so that most of the border disappears off the edges of the picture – but I still want to keep just a little of it showing to give it a slightly ‘distressed’ look.

05 Lightening the centre

OneOne Software Perfect B&W gum bichromate effect

That’s pretty much the effect I’m looking for, but I am going to make a few more tiny tweaks. I want the moped itself to be a little lighter, so I’ve selected the Brightness Brush, top left, checked that the mode option directly above is set to Lighten, and I’m painting over the centre of the picture to lighten it up.

Along the options bar at the top of the screen you’ll see there are various brush settings you can alter, including the Size, Feather and Amount. There’s also a ‘Perfect Brush’ checkbox. When this is active, the brush tool will automatically follow edges and outlines to apply selective adjustments – but this isn’t always useful. For this shot I want to blend in my adjustments manually, so I’m doing this with a large, soft, non-selective brush.

Incidentally, Perfect B&W uses the same brush size shortcuts as Photoshop and Elements – you can hit the left square bracket key ‘[‘ to quickly reduce the brush size and the right square bracket ‘]’ to increase it.

06 Darkening the edges

OneOne Software Perfect B&W gum bichromate effect

Now I want to darken the edges of the picture, so I’ve simply swapped the the brush mode from Lighten to Darken. I could have used the Vignette panel to apply an edge darkening effect, but in this case I want to choose where to apply the darkening myself.

3 thoughts on “Create a beautiful gum bichromate effect in Perfect B&W

  1. Really! Can you suck the life, art, and craft out of photagraphy any more. Why on earth would you want to do this on a computer. It’s the hands on that makes Gum printing so beautiful. A monkey can use this software, your killing the art.

    1. Well you sure sucked the life, art and craft out of me! Really, you ought to be able to express an opinion without being so insulting.

  2. Hay, Thank you for this. I feel this is a fascinating exploration of how to expand modern photography and digital design. Some people won’t get it but this was helpful. Thanks again.

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