Lightroom black and white preset

Create a grainy black and white effect in Lightroom

07 Choose your settings

Lightroom custom preset

Now you choose the settings from the current image that you want to store in the Preset. I’ve checked every single box, right down to the settings for the Radial Gradient tool (but not Auto Tone or Auto Black & White mix at the top). I’ve called it ‘Grainy Black and White’.

08 Using your Preset

Lightroom custom preset

Just to show how this works, I’ve opened another colour shot from the same session. To apply a saved Preset, open the Presets panel as before and move the mouse down the list to the one you’ve saved. You don’t even need to click – Lightroom will show a preview of the effect on your image at the top of the panel.

09 The finished image

Lightroom custom preset

I’m quite pleased with this. If you were working in Photoshop you’d need to do some fairly heavy manual editing to get a result like this, with the prospect of having to do it all over again for every new image you wanted to treat in the same way. But in Lightroom it’s a five-minute job to create and save the initial effect, and you can then apply it to future images in more like five seconds.

Lightroom might not have Photoshop’s in-depth image-editing options, but for speed, efficiency and repeatability, in my opinion it blows it out of the water.

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