Lightroom black and white preset

Create a grainy black and white effect in Lightroom

04 Add some Grain

Lightroom custom preset

Lightroom 5’s Grain effect is actually very authentic-looking, unlike past ‘grain’ filters in other programs. Push the slider up slowly until you get just the grain effect your looking for.

05 The Radial Gradient tool

Lightroom custom preset

This is new in Lightroom 5, and it’s a way of adding a more controllable vignette effect. Vignettes work very well in black and white because they increase the depth and contrast in the image and, if you get them right, they help ‘frame’ the image and concentrate the viewer’s eyes on your focal point without being glaringly obvious.

You use the tool to drag out an elliptical central area in your image – you can drag the central pin to move the gradient or drag the corner handles to reshape it. The Radial Gradient tool has its own adjustment sliders which you can see on the right. These change the appearance of the areas outside the elliptical shape – here, I’ve simply reduced the Exposure slider.

06 Create a new Preset

Lightroom custom preset

After just a few short steps my adjustments are just how I want them. Now I want to save them as a new User Preset so that I can apply them to other images in the future. To do this, you open the tools panel on the left side of the screen, select the Presets panel and click the ‘+’ button  in the top right corner.

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