Color Efex Pro Glamour Glow

Give your landscapes a mystic glow with the Color Efex Pro Glamour Glow effect

06 Detail Extractor

Color Efex Pro Glamour Glow

So I’ve got another solution. I’ve clicked the ‘Add filter’ button below the Glamour Glow filter tools and chosen the Detail Extractor as the new filter. This isn’t normally used to recover shadow detail, but in this instance it does it rather well, lightening up those darker areas without losing that ‘glow’ effect and the intense colours.

07 The finished picture

Color Efex Pro Glamour Glow

This is more like it. I realise the colours are perhaps a little too intense for some tastes, but I like it, and I’m surprised at how a ‘glow’ effect can have such an impact on the composition. I think it’s because it’s increased the colour and the tonal contrast between the leaves on the tree and the cool green grass tones underneath. This give the picture a much stronger composition, which is what it lacked before.

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