Color Efex Pro Glamour Glow

Give your landscapes a mystic glow with the Color Efex Pro Glamour Glow effect

03 Glow Warmth

Color Efex Pro Glamour Glow

The Glow Warmth slider adds a warm or cool tone to the picture. If I push this right up to maximum, it really exaggerates the reds and yellows, but the other colours are lost. It might work for a sunset, but it doesn’t work well here.

04 Finding the balance

Color Efex Pro Glamour Glow

But if I push the Glow Warmth slider back the other way, something interesting happens. This slider doesn’t apply crude colour hue alterations – it works more selectively than that. I’ve now got beautiful cool greens in the grass, but the leaves on the tree have kept their vivid red and orange hues.

05 Protecting shadows

Color Efex Pro Glamour Glow

All Color Efex Pro filters have Shadows and Highlights sliders. These are designed to recover shadow and highlight detail lost with the stronger filter adjustments. I’ve noticed after the previous step that the shadows under the tree are now much too dark, so the logical thing to do would be to increase the Shadow value to recover those darker tones. It works, but it also removes the filter effect in these areas, so they lose their ‘glow’ and vividness.

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