Color Efex Pro Old Photo effect

Do more with Color Efex Pro’s Old Photo effect

07 Save a Recipe

Color Efex Pro Old Photo effect

It’s easy to save custom effects you create in this way – just click the Save Recipe button underneath the filter tools panel in the right sidebar. You’ll be prompted to choose a name for your Recipe – I’m calling mine ‘Old Photo Cool’.

08 Using saved Recipes

Color Efex Pro Old Photo effect

Recipes are saved in the left sidebar – look for the ‘Recipes’ tab near the bottom. When you click this, it opens to display a set of Recipe categories. You can click ‘All’ to see all the Recipes that come as standard and your own at the same time, or click ‘Custom’ to see just the ones you’ve created.

When you click a Recipe to apply it, Color Efex Pro will display all the Filters you used for the Recipe as a stack in the right sidebar – you can change any of the filters and settings and even save a new Recipe if you want to.

09 Retro sepia effect

Color Efex Pro Old Photo effect

This is my start shot with Old Photo ‘Style 1’ applied (together with my vignette and border). I like this sepia look because of the way the outlines are emphasised with localised contrast – it reminds me of how some old black and white prints actually do look. I’m sure I could achieve something similar in Silver Efex Pro, but it might take me a little while to work out how.

10 Cool faded colour effect

Color Efex Pro Old Photo effect

I like this effect too, which is somewhere between a faded colour print and a cyanotype. The control you get with these Old Photo effects is somewhat limited, but they are very different to each other and quick to apply. Besides, you can modify the effect by adding more filters.

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