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Luminar iconLuminar is a very interesting new photo editor from MacPhun. Currently it’s a Mac-only product, but MacPhun has released a beta Windows version, so very soon it will be commercially available on both platforms.

Luminar brings a very different approach to editing. Instead of the palette and dialog-based approach of traditional programs like Photoshop, it offers a selection of more than 40 different filters for everything from quick fix image enhancements through regular levels and curves adjustments to Split Toning, Dramatic and Orton Effect filters. These filters can be used in combination to create any number of different ‘looks’ and saved as user presets – Luminar comes with a selection of presets already, organised into categories like ‘Street’, ‘Portrait’, ‘Outdoor’ and ‘Dramatic’.

That’s not all. Luminar also offers customisable user workspaces, so you can bring together just the filters you need for a specific type of editing, such as ‘Black and white’, ‘Landscape’ and ‘Essentials’.

Filters can be stacked and separated into layers and blended with masks. It’s also possible to combine image layers into composites, though it doesn’t yet offer the sophistication of other full-on image editors in this regard.



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