Category: Viveza

Viveza is part of the Nik Collection, but it’s more of an image enhancement tool than an effects generator. Basically, it takes the control point selection and adjustment technology found throughout the Nik Collection and incorporates it into a separate plug-in designed specifically for local adjustments.

Arguably, it doesn’t do anything you can’t do in other programs with masks or adjustment brushes, but the control points are very quick to apply and adjust, you can group them together to make larger-scale adjustments with a single set of sliders, and you can use ‘negative’ control points to cancel out the effect of any overspill into surrounding areas.

It all sounds a bit vague, and imprecise, a kind of quick and dirty solution that really shouldn’t be as effective as regular masking. If you persist, though, you discover that it’s actually a rather fast, intuitive and effective way of ‘dodging and burning’ your colour images for maximum effect.


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