Category: Silver Efex Pro

Silver Efex Pro is probably the best-known of all black and white plug-ins. First developed by Nik Software and then integrated into the Nik Collection, it’s now published by Google, though the search giant has indicated that it will no longer be developing the Nik Collection.

Silver Efex Pro’s strength lies the richness and film-like density of its black and white effects. It offers a range of presets built from the manual adjustment tools – you can use a preset, adjust the manual settings and save a new preset of your own, or you can start from scratch with the manual tools.

Silver Efex Pro offers detailed tonal controls including a few not seen anywhere else, localised adjustments using ‘control points’ and a rich set of toning adjustments as well as a variety of border effects.

Here’s a selection of Silver Efex Pro tutorials.



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