Category: Analog Efex Pro

I’m such a big fan of Analog Efex Pro that I can’t believe I haven’t written more tips and tutorials around it.

Analog Efex Pro is part of the Nik Collection, and in fact it’s the only plug-in that Google has added since it bought out Nik Software. It’s designed specifically to recreate the look of old films, old cameras and old darkroom techniques. It can recreate different film types, grain, light leaks, borders, textures and vignettes, and incorporates selective editing via the ‘control points’ found in other Nik plug-ins.

It’s not the fastest plug-in in the world, as it’s probably being slowed down by its texture effects in many cases, but the breadth, variety and sheer wildness of some of its effects is just amazing. You could spend months using nothing but Analog Efex Pro and still not get to the bottom of what it can do.



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