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DxO ViewPoint is a specialised lens and perspective correction tool from Paris-based software company DxO. It can work as a standalone program, but if you’re also using DxO Optics Pro it integrates with the Optics Pro interface to provide all these corrections without swapping programs.

DxO Optics Pro used to have these perspective corrections built in, so the fact that they’ve been split off into a separate program is a little annoying. The most cost-effective solution is to get the DxO Photo Suite, which includes DxO Optics Pro, DxO ViewPoint and DxO FilmPack at a significant saving compared to the individual prices.

DxO ViewPoint doesn’t do a great deal more than the perspective correction tools in Lightroom and Capture One Pro, but it does have a clean and effective interface and it does tackle lens issues that the others don’t, notably the ‘volume’ deformation caused by wideangle lenses – the way they ‘stretch’ objects near the edges of the frame.



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