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DxO Optics Pro is a strange beast. Looked at one way, it’s a somewhat limited and quite expensive RAW converter. Looked at another, it’s a unique and uncompromising tool for extracting more quality from your cameras and lenses than you ever suspected they were capable of.

It comes from French optics specialist DxO and it takes a two-pronged approach. Its RAW conversion engine is designed to produce the best possible detail, colour and tonal rendition possible, while its lab-developed lens profiles correct distortion, chromatic aberration, vignetting and edge softness. It can also apply a range of preset image styles to your photos, non-destructively, before exporting them as TIFFs or JPEGs for use elsewhere.

It doesn’t have any cataloguing tools, it doesn’t offer localised adjustments, it doesn’t support plug-is (except DxO’s own FilmPack and ViewPoint plug-ins). But what it does do is output perhaps the best JPEG and TIFF files (in terms of overall optical corrections) that you’re likely to see from your camera gear.



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