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Photoshop Elements is usually treated as a dumbed-down Photoshop aimed solely at beginners, but while it is true that many of its features are designed for novices, it still has an Expert mode where you get many of the editing tools and features that make Photoshop itself so effective.

Sometimes you have to use a workaround – Elements does not have a proper Curves dialog, for example – but often you can do the same things with Elements that you might have thought you needed Photoshop for.

I haven’t used it for a while because I currently use Adobe’s Photography Plan, which comes with Lightroom and Photoshop, but for those who don’t want or don’t like Adobe’s subscription plan – and I know there are plenty of you who don’t – then Elements might just be a better subscription-free alternative than perhaps you realise.

So here are a few Elements tutorials from the back-catalog and maybe one day I will add some more.



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