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Adobe is the software giant that dominates the whole creative software market place, so it’s lucky that it also produces some of the best photo editing software on the market.

Two programs stand out: Lightroom and Photoshop. But these are famous not just for their standard-setting approach to professional photo management and editing, but also because of Adobe’s decision to swap to a subscription plan for its software.

This is still controversial even now. For my part, though, I think Adobe’s Photography Plan, which includes both Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC, is a really good deal. For around £10/$10 per month you get two programs which once would have cost around £750/$750 as standalone purchases. Whatever the long-term cost/benefit arguments, the barrier to new users has been pretty much eliminated.

Photoshop can no longer be purchased on a perpetual licence. Lightroom still can, but it’s not known how much longer this will continue.

I’m a big Lightroom fan. I also like Photoshop. The name ‘Life after Photoshop’ simply refers to the fact that for all the things that Photoshop does brilliantly, there are an awful lot more that it’s not so good at, which where the booming market in alternative apps and plug-ins comes in.

Adobe also publishes Photoshop Elements, its ‘cut-down’ photo editor for amateurs. It’s not bad, and once you find your way around you can do quite a lot with it.



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