Category: Mobile photography

Mobile photography is catching on. The cameras and the sensors in smart devices are still some way behind regular cameras for image quality and control, but they offer creativity of a different kind. Most of us carry a smartphone, and there are times when a smartphone is all you have to capture a scene, an event or a moment. Smartphones can encourage a different ‘view’ and a different way of taking photographs, and you may find that with a smartphone you capture images you just don’t ‘see’ with your camera.

But smart devices aren’t just for image capture, because there are some really good apps for editing and enhancing your photos and adding special effects. Google’s Snapseed is one of the stars of the mobile editing world, and Lightroom Mobile is slowly evolving into a really powerful mobile app for serious photographers.

So this Mobile Photography category is becoming both interesting and important, not just for shallow-minded selfie-addicts but for all photographers keen to develop  their vision of the world.



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