Capture One preset vs styles

Capture One presets vs styles: what’s the difference?

04 Name your preset

Capture One preset vs styles

I’m prompted to choose a name for my new preset, and by default Capture One saves it in a folder called ‘Exposure’, corresponding to the name of the panel where I’ve made the adjustment.

05 Using a preset

Capture One preset vs styles

I can now use the same preset on any other image, by clicking the Preset button in the top right corner of the Exposure panel and choosing it from the menu under the ‘User Preset’s subheading.

The key point here is that this preset applies specifically to the Exposure adjustments, and nothing else.

06 Another example

Capture One preset vs styles

Let’s see another example. Here, I’ve applied some Highlight and Shadow adjustments in the High Dynamic Range panel. Again, I can use the menu to save these adjustments as a new preset. This time, the preset is saved in the High Dynamic Range panel. I can apply both the presets I’ve just created to other images, but they only make adjustments in their specific panels.

07 Saving a style

Capture One preset vs styles

But what if I want to save an effect that uses adjustments in a whole series of panels? In my example here, I’m finishing off with a Clarity adjustment – I’ve boosted both the Clarity and Structure values to +30. I’m not going to save this as a preset too because I’m sure you’ve got the idea by now.

Besides, I’m not really interested in the individual adjustments – I want to save them as a group.

So for this I need to open the ‘Adjustments’ menu, choose ‘Styles’ and then ‘Save User Style’.

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