Color Efex Pro batch processing

How to batch process special effects with the Google Nik Collection

07 Album stack picks

Color Efex Pro batch processing

Because the new photos were actively selected when they were added to the album, they become the new ‘stack picks’ for that album. This means I can collapse all the stacks and just see the new photos. They’re still stacked with the originals, and in the main project the originals are still at the top of the stacks. This is one of the really smart features in Aperture – you can have different stack picks in different albums.

08 Use those effects!

Color Efex Pro batch processing

This comes back to what I was saying earlier about creating something useful with all these effects. I’ve now got an album of shots with a consistent subject and treatment which is much more interesting than a few isolated experiments dotted around my image library.

I can browse through it in full-screen mode, turn it into a slideshow, make it into a web gallery or even turn it into a photo book, all from within Aperture.

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3 thoughts on “How to batch process special effects with the Google Nik Collection

  1. It would be really useful for me if sets of 3 or more images could be automated into an hdr batch. I create alot of HDR panorama’s, and now I need to select 3 images manually, make the HDR in hdr efex pro and then continue to select the next 3 images for the HDR manually. VERY timeconsuming. Can this be automated that the program automaticly selects the next 3 images after completing each HDR?

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