Author: Rod Lawton

How to save a preset for Kodak Tri-X black and white in Silver Efex Pro

Anyone who used to shoot with black and white film will have a favourite, and I always had a soft spot for Kodak Tri-X. I didn’t mind the grain because I liked that gritty, ‘documentary’ feel, and sometimes I push-processed during development to get a little more contrast, especially in the depths of the Northern European winter. But that all came to an end with the swap to digital. There are a thousand and one ways to convert colour images to black and white in Photoshop, but none of them ever seemed to me to capture the ‘look’ of...

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Create a mist effect in Elements with blend modes and masks

Have you ever used a ‘mist’ filter with your camera? These are pretty weak – they usually produce an overall hazy glow to your pictures that doesn’t look that realistic. But there is a way to create ‘mist’ effects in Photoshop Elements that’s a lot more realistic. It uses adjustment layers, masks and blend modes, and while that might sound pretty complicated it’s actually quite straightforward. It’s also really easy to tweak the results once you’ve finished. Here’s our start shot. It’s a good candidate because it has some three-dimensional depth which will make the mist effect look more...

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How to apply graduated filters in Perfect Photo Suite

OnOne’s Perfect Photo Suite has a number of different modules, rather like the Nik/Google Collection. In Perfect Photo Suite, though, you can access them all from a single, central interface, rather than loading them as separate plug-ins. For this walkthrough, I’m just going to use the Perfect Effects module. Like Nik/Google Color Efex Pro 4, this lets you ‘stack’ effects using a kind of internal layers system. I’m starting with a travel shot with some nice, colourful rooftops but a rather blank sky, and I want to see if I can make it look more vibrant. 01 Add a...

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Adding localised levels and curves adjustments in Color Efex Pro 4

Nik (Google) Color Efex Pro 4 isn’t just a collection of special effects. It also has a number of powerful image-editing tools hidden amongst them, and one of these is the Levels & Curves tool. You can use this to make adjustments to your images in the same way you would in Photoshop, Elements and other image-editing programs. But these adjustments go further than you might think. Color Efex Pro 4 also offers control points for restricting its effects to specific areas of your pictures, and version 4 can also ‘stack’ effects, which means you can create as many...

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How to compare different styles with Capture One Variants

Like Aperture and Lightroom, Capture One Pro is one of the new wave of all-in-one image cataloguing, editing and RAW conversion programs that use completely non-destructive editing tools to enhance your images. This means they all have a very special ability – they can create any number of ‘virtual’ versions of the same photo without actually having to create new files and save them to your hard disk. This isn’t just very space-efficient, it’s flexible too, because you can return to any of these virtual images at any time to change the settings. Here’s a set of four different...

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