Author: Rod Lawton

How to use creative sharpening in Lightroom

There is more than one type of sharpening. It’s a common mistake for photographers to look at an image, choose a sharpening setting that looks right and imagine that they’ve fixed it. They may have made it worse… In fact, there are three types of sharpening, and they do three different jobs. These are ‘capture sharpening’, ‘creative sharpening’ and ‘output sharpening’. The trick is to know when to use which, and not to use sharpening settings which could cause problems further down the line. Capture sharpening is used simply to overcome any slight image softness caused by the camera...

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You can post straight to Facebook from Aperture

When you’ve gone to all that trouble to create your photographic masterpieces it seems a waste not to share them with other people – and Facebook is the perfect way to do it. Like many image editing and cataloguing tools, Aperture can connect directly to your Facebook account and post single images or entire albums. It’s very straightforward, and here’s how it’s done. I’m using a selection of shots I took while walking on the hills near my house a couple of weekends ago. 01 Select your pictures First, select all the pictures you want to post, click the...

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How to create a red filter effect in Silver Efex Pro

Nik Software must have discovered some unknown digital alchemy when it developed Silver Efex Pro. Suddenly, here was a digital imaging tool that really could replicate the look, feel and even the ‘soul’ of silver-based black and white. And one of the favourite tools of traditional black and white photographers was the ‘contrast’ filter. These mostly came in yellow, orange, red or green varieties. The idea of using a coloured filter might seem odd when shooting in black and white, but they worked by making some colours appear darker – and some lighter – when recorded as shades of...

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Did you know you can save and combine selections in Elements?

Photoshop Elements is usually seen as the poor relation to Photoshop itself, but it offers many of the same high-end features if you know where to look! Photoshop has alpha channels, but Elements has ‘saved selections’… You can get by perfectly well most of the time just working with one selection at a time, but there are situations where you need to combine them to create a particular effect. It’s also useful to know how selections and layer masks are related and how you can use them both together. I’ve chosen this image to show a situation where this...

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How to get perfect cutouts with Perfect Photo Suite!

OnOne Software doesn’t just provide one plug-in in Perfect Photo Suite, but several. Perfect Mask is the main tool for this tutorial, but the Perfect Effects plug-in finishes it off beautifully! I’ve got two confessions to make. One is that I wasn’t a huge fan of Perfect Photo Suite initially because I found it quite clunky and confusing. I’m changing my mind. There are still things I find awkward, but I’m starting to think it really is worth the effort, because this suite of plug-ins is really rather impressive. My other confession is that this is a super-long walkthrough...

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