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Rediscover dodging and burning in black and white

Back in the days of film, a ‘straight’ black and white print was only a stepping stone. A properly finished print was almost always enhanced with some skilled ‘dodging and burning’. Dodging and burning is a classic technique in black and white, where certain areas of a print are held back (dodged) under the enlarger to make them lighter and others are given extra exposure (burning in) to make them darker. The technology may have changed, but these terms are still used to describe the way black and white images can be improved digitally. Whether it’s a chemical print...

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Best image browser and cataloguing software

If you organise your photos by folders and find this perfectly satisfactory, then you can use any number of different programs to keep your images organised. Adobe Bridge is a good starting point as an image browser if you already have Photoshop, and ON1 Photo RAW and Alien Skin Exposure are two examples of all-in-one programs that have image browser tools built in. But sometimes this isn’t enough and you need to be able to organise and search images in a much more flexible way. For example, what if you need to find all your images relating to snowboarding,...

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How to choose the best photo editing software

Choosing the best photo editing software is difficult, not just because there are so many software alternatives on the market, but because they all do different things. Some are strongest for image cataloguing, some are best at RAW conversions, others are classic Photoshop-style image-manipulation tools or specialise in one-click image effects. So here’s a diagram that shows these four main types of photo editing as overlapping circles so that we can be more systematic about working out what these programs do and where their strengths lie (click on the diagram to see a larger version).   Best photo editing...

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Adobe Stock review

Update: My first batch of images has passed through the Adobe Stock review process. Most were accepted, two rejected. I’ve updated my review below. If you’re a designer or an illustrator you might have an interest in Adobe Stock as a quick and cost-effective way to find and buy stock images to suit your projects. But if you’re a photographer, Adobe Stock is interesting in a very different way, as an opportunity to make money from stock sales of your own work, especially since you don’t have to be a Creative Cloud subscriber to submit images – you just...

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Adobe Lightroom for mobile update July 2017

Lightroom for mobile has steadily evolved from a portable way to check out pictures in your Lightroom catalog into a powerful and useful sidekick for the desktop app, and the new Android and iOS versions make it more powerful still. Version 3.0 for Android brings a redesigned, faster and more efficient app that’s a better match for the Android operating system. Version 2.8.0 for iOS adds new tools to the iPhone version and a redesigned interface for the iPad to make better use of the larger screen and the Apple Pencil support in the iPad Pro. iOS users get...

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