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MacPhun Luminar Golden Hour filter

The latest update to MacPhun Luminar is called Pluto and brings a selection of new tools including a new Golden Hour filter. If you want to know more about it, you can download the Luminar trial version. This filter is designed to simulate the warmth of a late afternoon sun, something which is actually a lot more difficult to do digitally than you might imagine. It’s easy enough to add an overall warming effect to a photo but that’s not realistic because it’s the light that should be yellow, not the whole picture – blue skies need to stay blue. So...

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MacPhun Aurora HDR 2017 review

This Aurora HDR 2017 review has been a little long in the making because although this program has been designed to be simple to get started with, some of its more technical features are quite deep. Indeed, HDR (high dynamic range) photography is difficult to get right. There’s the technical aspect, capturing a wide enough brightness range in a single image or a series of bracketed exposures, and there’s the aesthetic side – turning them into an image that’s dramatic and beautiful rather than an overcooked dog’s dinner. Sometimes they’re not too far apart. The first part is easy....

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8 free Lightroom presets part 4: ‘Moonlite’

Welcome to part 4 of an 8-part series on Lightroom presets and how they work. To go with this I’ve created 8 free Lightroom presets you can download right now. Click here for a Dropbox link. You don’t need to have a Dropbox account – just click the ‘Download’ button at the top right. Depending on your browser, the presets will download either as a folder, or as a zip file you have to unzip into a folder. Once you’ve done that, launch Lightroom, open an image in Develop mode and then right-click anywhere in the Presets panel and choose ‘New Folder’. Type...

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Top 10 graduated filter tips

01 Shoot raw You can’t recover detail in an overexposed sky if it’s been clipped and lost forever in the original image. With a JPEG, what you see is what you get, but with raw files you’ve generally got an extra 1EV of ‘invisible’ highlight detail which can be recovered with a good raw converter. 02 Use coloured grads If you do have an overexposed, detail-free sky you might just get away with using a light blue grad to simulate a blue sky. Color Efex Pro (Google Nik Collection) has a nice selection. You can experiment with colours even...

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How to duplicate pictures in Apple Photos

Apple Photos is central to both the Mac OS and iOS devices. It’s a great way to keep all your photos to handy on all your devices, and it practically looks after itself – you add a photo on one device, and very soon it’s on all of them. It’s also a pretty good image-editing hub for all your photo editing, at least on mobile devices like iPads and iPhones – except for one annoyance. When you edit a photo, the application saves the new version over the old one. Well, it doesn’t save it over the other one,...

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