Author: Rod Lawton

Try a black and white high contrast Lith effect

One of the reasons I rate image effects programs so highly compared to traditional image editors is the way they open your eyes to effects you wouldn’t have thought of. Like applying the Lith Border effect in Alien Skin Exposure X3 to this early morning shot of a country church. There’s already a lot of contrast in this shot, with the sun shining through the leaves towards the camera, so you’d have thought a high-contrast black and white treatment would be the last thing it needs. Not so! A browse through Exposure X3’s B&W Misc Effects category offers a...

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How to use String Substitution in Adobe Bridge

So here’s a thing I’ve been struggling with. My personal photo filing system (see part 1 and part 2 of this mini-series) has worked brilliantly for years, except for one tiresome niggle. I number my photos sequentially and yes, I can do that straight away with all my images straight from the camera. BUT there are bound to be some duplicates and duds that I don’t need, so I’m either faced with keeping them forever anyway, or removing them later and having gaps in my file numbers. So one answer would be for me to do an image cull...

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Alien Skin Exposure X3 review

  Alien Skin has announced Exposure X3, the latest version of its all in one photo cataloguing, editing, enhancement and effects software. It boasts a series of new features which make it an even stronger competitor in the enthusiast/pro image-editing market. Exposure X3 is designed not just to provide everyday photo enhancements, but also to recreate the powerful and evocative look of classic analog photography, simulating classic films and darkroom techniques, as well as grain, vignettes, textures, borders and light leaks. It can also work as a plug-in for Photoshop and Lightroom, but it’s in the standalone app’s organisation...

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How to batch-rename RAW+JPEG pairs in Adobe Bridge

Here’s part 2 of my mini-series on creating a basic image filing and naming system. Part 1 explains the basic folder and file naming structure and how to batch rename photos in Adobe Bridge. This part looks at specific situation that lots of us face – what to do when you shoot RAW+JPEG pairs with your camera. This is often a very useful thing to do. You get a JPEG file you can share straight away, and use as a benchmark for your RAW adjustments, and a RAW file you can hone and tune at your leisure. And sometimes...

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Manfrotto Manhattan Changer-20 3-way camera bag review

  Life after Photoshop is all about image cataloguing processing and effects but I also like to pick out interesting bits of kit to try them out, and the Manhattan Changer-20 really caught my eye. I’ve got a cupboard full of camera bags and none of them are exactly right. They’re all good at a couple of different things, but not all the things I might need to do on a typical day on my magazine work, which involves commuting, writing and photography. What I actually need is a tote bag with handles for easy manoeuvring on my train...

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