Author: Rod Lawton

DxO acquires the Nik Collection and launches DxO PhotoLab

In one of the best pieces of news we’ve heard this year, DxO has announced it has acquired the Nik Collection and plans to “continue to develop the Collection for the benefit of the photographer community”. “The Nik Collection gives photographers tools to create photos they absolutely love,” says Aravind Krishnaswamy, an Engineering Director with Google. “We’re thrilled to have DxO, a company dedicated to high-quality photography solutions, acquire and continue to develop it.” Google Nik Collection review The Nik Collection will continue to be available for download and is still free, but it has been moved from Google’s...

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New Lightroom CC (2017) review

Lightroom/Photography plan trial version and offers The new Lightroom CC changes everything. Announced on October 18 2017 it marks a shift to a whole new ‘cloud first’ way of working, where your entire image catalog is stored online and can be accessed, organised and edited anywhere. The ‘old’ Lightroom CC has been rebranded ‘Lightroom Classic’ and continues to be a ‘desktop first’ product where your image catalog is stored locally. That’s seen some updates too, but that will get a separate review. This is a challenging review to write on a number of levels. The first is knowing what...

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Adobe announces Photoshop CC update

The big news from the Adobe MAX 2017 event is the new version of Lightroom CC and how it differs from Lightroom Classic, which will continue, but Adobe has also announced a new version of Photoshop CC. The improvements are less significant than the changes to Lightroom but could still prove interesting. Lightroom/Photography plan trial version and offers One of the major pushes with this version of Photoshop CC is to make the software easier to use for beginners and to introduce lesser-known features and techniques to photographers who haven’t tried them yet. This is done with a new...

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Adobe brings radical revamp for Lightroom CC

Adobe has announced its next generation of professional imaging tools for photographers, and now offers two very different versions of Lightroom. From today, Lightroom will be available either as a regular desktop-based image storage solution or as an all-new cloud-based service where all your files will be available and editable anywhere. There are other changes to the Adobe photography offerings, with updates to Photoshop CC amongst others, but the Lightroom announcement promises to overshadow all the rest. Lightroom/Photography plan trial version and offers The existing Lightroom program will be rebranded ‘Lightroom Classic’ and will maintain its ‘desktop first’ storage...

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Lensbaby Trio 28 review

Photographers spend thousands and lens makers spend millions on lenses which are as optically perfect as possible, and then Lensbaby goes and makes lenses which are deliberately bad. Or maybe that’s just how it looks. In fact, Lensbaby’s speciality is making lenses that recapture the charming imperfections that we didn’t know we wanted until they weren’t there any more. It defies logic in one way but it’s perfectly logical in another. It defies logic because – you would imagine – we want our lenses to produce as accurate a record of what’s in front of the camera as possible....

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