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How to use the Pixelmator Kaleidoscope filter to create a mirrored landscape

Pixelmator is an interesting image-editing app for Mac and iOS that I’m always telling myself I should spend more time with. Well I did just that, finding an interesting use for the Pixelmator Kaleidoscope filter. Before we go any further, though, there’s something you need to know (that I wish I’d found out sooner). The iPad version resizes your images downwards, so that while I thought I was working on a 12-megapixel image, Pixelmator had resized it down to 3 megapixels. Ho hum. Well, I can always repeat this whole process on the desktop version. 01 Choose your image...

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The MeFOTO RoadTrip Air packs a brilliant secret

Well, it’s not a secret exactly, but you could easily overlook not one but two great little features in this ultra-portable travel tripod. They might not mean much to a regular camera user, but to smartphone photographers they really are brilliant. The MeFOTO Air Road trip is a super-compact travel tripod that folds away into a bag small enough to fit inside a (decent sized) backpack or shoulder bag, not strapped to the outside. It has legs that rotate through 180 degrees to lie flat against the centre column and minimise its folded length. It’s not going to be...

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Lightroom noise reduction and why you need it

If you never thought you’d need to pay attention to the Lightroom noise reduction settings, you might need to think again. Like a lot of photographers I shoot RAW files on the assumption I’m going to get better image quality by processing the images myself rather than leaving it to the in-camera JPEG processing. That’s fine in theory, but if you’re in the habit of shooting both JPEG and RAW files at the same time, it won’t take you too long to figure out that it can take a little work to get the RAW files even as good as...

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How to set the hyperfocal distance with a manual lens

Here’s a situation where a simple manual focus lens can do something a modern zoom lens can’t. I’ve dug this dusty old Pentax SMC 50mm f/1.7 lens out of the garage to demonstrate it, but there are an increasing number of modern manual prime lenses which can do the same thing – setting the hyperfocal distance. Depth of field is a bit of a lost art with modern zooms and for two reasons. First, because they’re zoom lenses, they lack the depth of field index markings you get on prime lenses. The annotation shows just how these work. Second, modern...

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Fine art black and white with the Fujifilm GFX

I was lucky enough to get a Fujifilm GFX 50S on loan for two weeks to review in Digital Camera and Professional Photography and I’m really impressed by the tonal range and subtlety it can capture. This became obvious when I started working on a set of shots from a drizzle-swept day on Exmoor. The sky was heavy and flat and there was very little colour, so I decided to try to drag out a strong black and white image from my RAW originals. 01 The ‘start’ shot See what I mean? The day looked a complete washout, but having...

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