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Using the Luminar Quick & Awesome workspace

MacPhun has updated its innovative photo-editing app to Luminar 1.2 ‘Neptune’, adding a number of new features. One of these is the new Luminar Quick & Awesome workspace, which is designed to bring three key filters for getting awesome results quickly. These are the new Accent – AI Filter which we’ve covered separately, the Saturation/Vibrance filter and the Clarity filter. MacPhun Luminar 1.2 Neptune review So is it the perfect one-stop fix for all your photos? Let’s take a look. 01 How to load the Luminar Quick & Awesome workspace You’ll find the Workspace menu right at the top of the...

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How to use the Accent – AI filter in MacPhun Luminar 1.2 Neptune

The MacPhun Luminar 1.2 Neptune update brings a bunch of new and interesting tools, and one of them is the AI Accent filter. AI stands for ‘artificial intelligence’, which is used to analyse different parts of the picture for objects, structure, colour, light and dark tones and more. When you drag the slider it intelligently enhances all these different areas according to what it thinks they’re lacking. MacPhun Luminar 1.2 Neptune review Here’s how it works. 01 Open the Accent – AI Filter You need to start from a clear workspace like we’ve done – just choose Clear from...

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Using the improved Luminar Vignette filter

MacPhun has brought a number of new and enhanced features to its Luminar 1.2 ‘Neptune’ update, and the Luminar Vignette Filter is one of them. MacPhun Luminar 1.2 Neptune review This filter has been improved with new Vignette Styles, a Place Center button for off-centre positioning and new Pre- and Post-crop options. Here’s a quick tour: 01 Our start shot This clown sign at a fairground might make a good picture, but there’s a lot of bright and confusing detail in the background. This is a situation where a vignette effect could help draw attention to the main subject...

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How to use MacPhun plug-ins with Luminar 1.2 Neptune

The Luminar 1.2 update has brought a whole bunch of useful additions and enhancements to MacPhun’s clever image-editing application. One of these is support for MacPhun’s own Creative Kit plug-ins. Even though Luminar has arrived on the scene, these are still being supported and do provide some effects and features not yet available in Luminar. MacPhun Luminar 1.2 Neptune review Just to be clear, you don’t get these plug-ins with Luminar – you have to buy them separately. There is, however, a free trial. This plug-in system works really well, adding effects as new layers so that you can...

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MacPhun Luminar 1.2 review

MacPhun is the company behind Tonality, Intensify, Focus and other Mac photo-editing apps now bundled together into the MacPhun Creative Kit 2016. MacPhun also publishes Aurora HDR in conjunction with travel photographer and high dynamic range guru Trey Ratcliff. It’s just been updated to Luminar 1.2 ‘Neptune’ and boasts a series of improvements and enhancements over the previous ‘Pluto’ version. It costs $59/59€/£55/AU$84 for all new users or $49/49€/£46/AU$69 for anyone who already owns any Macphun photo software. Free trials are available at The company’s name suggests that MacPhun makes software exclusively for Apple Macs, but its other big news...

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