Aurora HDR 2018 is now available! MacPhun has published a blog post listing all the new features.

You can download the trial version or purchase Aurora HDR 2018 for from the MacPhun store. Click the link to see the latest deal.

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Existing Aurora HDR users can upgrade at a reduced price.

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HDR photography can create the most spectacular landscapes, night shots and interiors from the most unpromising of conditions. Many scenes have too big a brightness range for the camera to capture, and even if it is possible to capture the full range of tones, the resulting image has too much contrast for a visually satisfying result. HDR tools, however, can compress, control and enhance the contrast within the image to reveal a full range of tones and details in the brightest and the darkest parts of the picture.

There are many HDR tools on the market but Aurora HDR is one of my favourites. It’s been developed in conjunction with HDR expert and travel photographer Trey Ratcliff and comes with a selection of striking preset HDR effects backed up by manual adjustment tools that let you modify the presets or even create your own from scratch.

Aurora HDR is both a plug-in and a standalone application for creating HDR images. You can merge a set of different exposures of the same scene (the best method) or apply the tools to a single image. It comes from MacPhun software, creator of Luminar and Creative Kit 2016.

MacPhun isn’t just a Mac developer any more. The big news for 2017 is that MacPhun is branching out into Windows software too, with Windows versions of Luminar and Aurora HDR. Aurora HDR 2018 comes in Windows and Mac versions, and includes ‘next generation’ tone mapping, lens corrections, improved RAW handling and more.

MacPhun regularly offers sales and special offers, so check the links on this page for the latest deals.