Aurora HDR 2018 update brings speed boost and more camera support

Aurora HDR 2018 1.2

Skylum software has released version 1.2 of Aurora HDR with speed improvements for the Mac version, together with support for the innovative Loupedeck control console, while the Windows version gets batch processing Flip and Rotate tools and more as Skylum brings the Windows version closer to full feature parity with the Mac version.

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Faster on the Mac

Skylum says Aurora HDR 2018 1.2 gets a ‘massive’ boost in performance, which is increased 180% when working on bracketed shots and 175% on single images.

The new version should also bring faster export, improved memory management for batch processing and improved plug-in stability.

Better on Windows

The Windows version gets an even bigger speed increase, with a claimed 500% speed improvement for bracketed shots and 400% for single images.

The interface has been ‘refreshed’ for the Windows version and it will now be possible to rename image layers, use a new flip/rotate tool, enjoy better dodge and burn tool stability and make use of the histogram in the tone curve filter.

New camera support

Aurora HDR works best when using camera RAW files, and this version adds support for more than a dozen new cameras (some cameras have different model names in different territories):

• Sony A7 III
• Canon EOS 3000D/Rebel T100/4000D
• Fujifilm X-H1, Fujifilm X-A20, Fujifilm X-A5, Fujifilm X-E3
• Olympus E-PL9
• Panasonic DC-GF10/Panasonic DC-GF90
• Panasonic DC-GX9/DC-GX7MK3
• Panasonic DC-TZ200/DC-ZS200/DC-TZ202/DC-TZ220/DC-ZS220/DC-TX2
• PhaseOne IQ3 100MP Trichromatic.

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