Aperture features: 04 Sharing

Aperture offers a number of ways of sharing your photos with others. You can upload images to Facebook albums, or to your Flickr photo stream, or to a SmugMug account. If you have an Apple ID, you can share photos with others via an iCloud photo stream, or email them photos directly.

Aperture sharing options

Aperture can connect directly to your Flickr and Facebook accounts.

There are other ways to share and display your photos. It’s possible to print directly from Aperture using a variety of print layouts, orientations and paper sizes, and you can create static or ’smart’ web galleries based on search criteria (just like smart albums). The gallery templates are quite basic, however, and you will have to upload the files to your web host yourself.

Aperture can create slideshows for playback on your own computer or you can export them as movies to play back on other people’s. You can create books, too, using the design tools built into the program – you then order your finished book direct from Apple. Aperture has a unique Light Table feature, too, where you can arrange an album full of photos on a virtual ‘table’, choosing the best arrangement, sizes and positions to tell a photo story or present a portfolio.

Aperture Light Table

The Light Table feature is unique, offering a way to combine, resize and rearrange pictures visually.