Aperture Spot and Patch tool

Discover the secrets of the Aperture Spot and Patch tool

06 Multiple repairs

Aperture Spot and Patch tool

And you’re not restricted to a single repair. My first patch got rid of the chewing gum on the right side of the picture, but I’ve use three smaller patches to get rid of small fragments of leaf debris in the background. Over in the tools panel you’ll see that all the repairs are listed. I’m currently working on spot ‘4 of 4’, but I can go back and modify the others too.

07 The finished image

Aperture Spot and Patch tool

I think this is a good result, and another demonstration that all-in-one imaging tools like Aperture and Lightroom are steadily eating into the territory of traditional image-editors. You’ll still need Photoshop or Elements for larger or more complex repairs, but these are comparatively rare. Most photo problems are like this one – comparatively simple and easy to fix. And in cases like these Aperture does a perfectly good job that could hardly be improved on.

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