Aperture Lift and Stamp tools

Batch process your photos with the Aperture Lift and Stamp tool

06 Stamping the rest

Aperture Lift and Stamp tools

Once I’ve done that, I can go back into the browser view and use the select all (command-A) command to select the rest of your images. Now I just click the Stamp Selected Images button to apply the same adjustments across all of them.

07 The processed results

Aperture Lift and Stamp tools

It will take a few moments for Aperture to reprocess the thumbnails (longer still if you do this with a larger batch of images), but when it’s done you’ll see all your images have been adjusted in line with the first.

08 The finished image

Aperture Lift and Stamp tools

This is looking much better. All it needed was a white balance correction and an exposure adjustment – and because all the shots I took in that session were taken with the same camera settings, the correction I’ve applied here works fine across all of them.

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