Aperture Lift and Stamp tools

Batch process your photos with the Aperture Lift and Stamp tool

03 Custom white balance

Aperture Lift and Stamp tools

To fix this I’m using the eyedropper tool (circled in the white balance panel) to click on a neutral white area in the lighthouse (also circled). As you hover the eyedropper over the image, Aperture displays a loupe showing a magnified view so that you can choose your area precisely.

04 One-click fix

Aperture Lift and Stamp tools

With one click, the white balance is fixed – and I can now switch to the Exposure panel to fix the brightness issues. I’ve had to push the Exposure value right up to 1.35 to make the image look right, and just in case this starts clipping the highlights on this and the other images in my album, I’ve set the Recovery slider to 0.66 to pull back some of the very brightest tones.

05 Lifting adjustments

Aperture Lift and Stamp tools

Now I need to click on the Lift tool. This is on the bottom toolbar, with the Stamp tool right alongside (I’ve circled both here). When you click the Lift tool button, Aperture displays a panel where you confirm the settings you want to ‘lift’. This can also include keywords, IPTC metadata and ratings, and I don’t want to copy those as well, so I make sure only the Adjustments box is checked.

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