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Life after Photoshop doesn’t cover Photoshop a great deal (probably for obvious reasons), but it does have a lot of Lightroom tutorials. Lightroom is Adobe’s professional image cataloguing, RAW conversion and photo editing tool and for many photographers it does everything they need both more quickly and simply than Photoshop.

However, there are situations where Photoshop can still be useful – for in-depth image-retouching and repair, for example, or for complex, multi-layer montages.

This is why the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan is such a great deal. For a single monthly payment of around £10/$10 (with an annual subscription), you get both Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. Subscription software is still unpopular with some people, but the maths really do stack up – you get both programs for far less than you would have to pay for a regular, ‘perpetual licence’, constant free updates and the benefits of Adobe’s Creative Cloud image storage and synchronisation system. This lets you swap images with the Lightroom Mobile app on Android and iOS for example.

Besides, it’s no longer possible to get Photoshop on its own anyway, so if you do need it you’re going to have to pay for in on subscription anyway, and you might as well get Lightroom CC at the same time.

I am a big Lightroom fan and I’d recommend it to anyone whose image collection has become too large and complex for a regular folder-based filing system. So if you haven’t done it already, please read my Lightroom CC review, and please download the Photography Plan trial. You get 15 days to try it out free and unrestricted.