Lightroom for mobile has steadily evolved from a portable way to check out pictures in your Lightroom catalog into a powerful and useful sidekick for the desktop app, and the new Android and iOS versions make it more powerful still.

Version 3.0 for Android brings a redesigned, faster and more efficient app that’s a better match for the Android operating system. Version 2.8.0 for iOS adds new tools to the iPhone version and a redesigned interface for the iPad to make better use of the larger screen and the Apple Pencil support in the iPad Pro.

iOS users get a new Brush Selection tool for applying Light, Color and other adjustments to manually selected areas of the image and it supports both 3D touch (for devices that have this feature) and pressure-sensitive control with the Apple Pencil in the iPad Pro.

If you’re using your iOS app to capture images too, there’s now a highlight clipping display to help you check the exposure – combined with the ability to capture DNG files, already added in a previous update, this elevates the iPhone to serious camera status. You now get global control over noise reduction and sharpening, too.

I do like the latest Lightroom for mobile interface a lot. It works well even on the small screen of an iPhone and it’s now much better on an iPad, and Adobe’s made brilliant use of the screen space available – to the point where you kind of wish it would bring some of those design ideas to the desktop version, which feels cluttered by comparison. Or maybe I just need to get a bigger screen.

Lightroom for mobile 2.8

This image was a RAW file captured on a Nikon D5600, stored in a desktop Lightroom catalog and synced with Lightroom mobile. The original looks flat and lifeless, and all the edits were applied in Lightroom for mobile 2.8. They include:

  1. Auto straightening
  2. Saturation increase for the water, via the new Brush Selection tool
  3. Contrast, Clarity and Exposure boost for the buildings, again with the Brush Selection tool
  4. Richer, bluer sky applied using the Gradient filter

Lightroom for mobile 2.8