What is Life after Photoshop?

Life after Photoshop is a website dedicated to alternative image-editing software, techniques, tips and ideas. Photoshop is all well and good but it has its limits. It’s the best there is at detailed, technical, image-by-image adjustments, but many of us want rather more than that. We want powerful cataloguing tools, instant image effects, evocative analog film simulations, better image quality from our RAW files and all sorts of other things that Photoshop was never specifically designed for.

A lot of folk are also very upset that Adobe wants them to pay a subscription for its software. Honestly, though, Adobe’s Photography plan is a really good deal, and you get both Photoshop and Lightroom for little more than £10/$10 per month, with constant updates and all the benefits of Adobe’s Creative Cloud synchronisation and sharing tools.

So Life after Photoshop has lots of Lightroom tutorials and you shouldn’t be surprised to see Photoshop pop up now and again. But it also features lesser-known but equally deserving software that goes where Photoshop does not.

Where is it?

Life after Photoshop is owned and run by UK photographer, editor and writer Rod Lawton. You will occasionally see British spellings and prices creeping in (oops), but the aim is to make Life after Photoshop as international as possible. It’s great to see so many comments from Europe, the US and territories around the globe.

Who is Rod Lawton?

Rod Lawton has been a freelance photography journalist since the days before digital, and has spent the last decade writing full-time for photography and computing magazines such as Digital Camera, Practical Photoshop, PhotoPlus, Amateur Photographer, Professional Photography and many more.

After three years as Technique Editor and then Editor on N-Photo magazine, then an 18-month stint as Cameras Editor on leading technology site Techradar, he is now Head of Testing for Future plc’s Photography division, organising reviews and group tests for Digital Camera, N-Photo, PhotoPlus and Professional Photography. He also contributes to Future plc’s newly-relaunched Digital Camera World.